Best Hair Care Products for Grey Hair

Are you sick of grey hair? Do you want to get rid of your grey hair once and for all? Are you looking for the best hair care products for grey hair? Or maybe a grey hair supplement that will slow the process of greying?

If so, this guide is for you.

Not only does it provide you with natural solutions to cure grey hair but it covers causes, how to minimize it, and the leading ingredients and products that you can use.

Let’s start from the basics…

The appearance of grey hair is almost inevitable. Hair turns grey as you age through a biological process influenced by different factors, such as genes, proteins, and enzymes. Several research studies have pointed out that humans lose the ability to pigment hair over the years. Hair becomes grey by lack of melanin (the pigment that colours hair, skin, iris of the eye, and body hair).

Apart from the appearance of grey hair due to aging (physiological), there are premature grey hair, ring grey hair, poliosis, and those due to diseases such as vitiligo. All are intimately related to your genes

Since grey hair is the product of a natural aging process, there is no real known cure. Most people use hair dyes and look for the best hair care products for grey hair but you should also know that there are natural ingredients that will help you delay the appearance. An adequate diet that provides you with the proteins, minerals, and vitamins necessary to have healthy hair is essential. Several natural ingredients that are used topically can help you delay the appearance of grey hair. That is why the best hair care products for grey hair are those that contain these ingredients in their formula.

This guide will cover the most common reasons of grey hair in human and the natural ingredients and the best hair care products for grey hair that you can use to permanently get rid of grey hair or delay their appearance.

Why Do You Have Grey Hair?

The appearance of grey hair is usually a direct consequence of aging. Grey hair lack melanin, which is the pigment that gives colour to both hair, skin, iris of the eye, and body hair. In fact, hair colour is determined by the amount of melanin, the more melanin, the darker the hair is.

The loss of pigment begins in the temporal region of the head and later extends to the back and it varies depending on the race. The white and yellow people are affected by the appearance of grey hair between 30 and 40 years while black people are affected by the age of 45.

The hair colour is determined by two types of stem cells:

  1. Those responsible for orchestrating the development of hair follicles
  2. The melanocytes which are responsible to produce melanin.

A group of researchers in New York (USA) reported in 2011 that they had identified a protein as the agent that combines the work of both cells in hair pigmentation and, therefore, is possibly also involved in the appearance of grey hair.

Another study has linked the appearance of grey hair with the excess hydrogen peroxide that occurs in hair cells. This chemical compound is responsible for bleaching hair and preventing melanin production. According to the researchers, the levels of hydrogen peroxide in the body should be minimized by antioxidant enzymes such as catalase, which breaks down hydrogen peroxide into two molecules of hydrogen and two of oxygen.

Other causes of grey hair besides aging are:

  • Genetic factors (hereditary)
  • Continuous stress situations
  • A diet deficient in certain nutrients
  • Certain diseases, such as hypothyroidism, vitiligo, vitamin B12 deficiency (pernicious anaemia), etc.
  • Smoking habit
  • Dryer abuse, hair straighteners, dyes, and other chemicals
  • Inadequate hair hygiene

Some researchers have questioned the fact that stress turns normal hair into grey hair. They argue that the hair, when it is born, already has its natural colour. What happens is that in situations of continued stress a phenomenon known as Telogen effluvium appears and causes the hair to fall at a speed 3 times faster than normal and the new hair that is born comes without enough melanin and therefore its grey appearance.

Types of Grey Hair Based on Causes

Grey hair come in several types and the major ones include:

1. Physiological

grey hair from temporal region

It is the one that relates to the aging process. Grey hair first appears in the temporal region (temples) and then extends to the rest of the head.

2. Ring Grey Hair

woman with ring grey hair

The grey hair appears in isolation and scattered throughout the head, although strands of grey hair can also be formed.

3. Early Grey Hair

young man with early grey hair

It usually appears before the age of 30 and even rarely during childhood. It involves genetic factors or, to a lesser extent, rare genetic pathologies.

4. Poliosis

child with grey hair having poliosis

It is a variant in which grey hair appears in a specific place forming a patch of grey hair. It usually occurs in the anterior (frontal) region of the head. Most people who have poliosis are healthy and only have it because there is no pigmentation in the hair and skin of that area. It is hereditary, but it can also occur in rare genetic medical conditions.

5. Diseases

Vitiligo grey hair

Vitiligo is a disease that destroys melanocytes and affects both skin and hair in random places.

Best Hair Care Products for Grey Hair

As grey hair is a result of a natural aging process, there is no real known cure. Most people switch to hair dyes to hide or cover them with the consequent hair damage, but you should also know that there are natural products that will help you delay their appearance without damaging your hair.

Here is a list of the best hair care products for grey hair that you can try.

1. Natural Homemade Products

Until today there is no scientifically proven medication that can eliminate grey hair, however, the pharmaceutical industry is investing time and money to come up with a permanent solution.

Following the studies published in 2016 on the relationship between grey hair and hydrogen peroxide, the industry has turned to determine the sources of the catalase enzyme responsible for the metabolization of hydrogen peroxide in two molecules of oxygen and two of hydrogen.

Later, in 2017, an article published in the Jama Dermatology revealed that the use of an immunosuppressive drug used in patients with lung cancer is related with the darkening of the hair of the patients who were taking it. The authors warned that more studies need to be conducted to scientifically prove its effectiveness.

On the other hand, the cosmetology industry has started using some natural ingredients that could help you delay the appearance of grey hair. These natural ingredients include:

  1. Onion
  2. Avocado
  3. Henna
  4. Argan oil
  5. Curcuma
  6. Rosemary
  7. Sage
  8. Wheat germ


onion in basket

Onion juice is a very useful homemade product that you can use to minimize greying of your hair. It cleans your scalp, hair follicles, makes hair follicles thick, and promotes the production of catalase, which prevents the appearance of grey hair.

Here is how to use onion to stop grey hair.

Apply onion juice directly on your scalp, massage it, and leave it for 30-60 minutes. Do it daily for a few weeks and you will start seeing results fairly quickly.



Avocado is a super moisturizer, promotes hair shine, and prevents drying. Avocado contains minerals, fatty acids, and vitamin E, so it has antioxidant and regenerating properties which will give your hair health and beauty.

Extract the pulp and apply it as a mask on all the hair and scalp. Leave it for 20-30 minutes, and then wash it.


henna bar

Henna (also known as hina) is a natural powder of plant origin (Lawsonia inermis), used thousands of years ago as hair dye. This dye does not damage the hair and is hair-friendly. Henna gives your hair a reddish hue and, to vary the hue, you can mix other natural ingredients, such as three spoons of Indian gooseberry powder.

Mix henna powder in warm water and make a thick paste. Apply it throughout the hair. Leave it for 30 -50 minutes, the longer, the more intense the colouring. Wash your hair with your favourite shampoo.

Argan Oil

argan oil bottle

Argan oil helps delay the appearance of grey hair and is an effective hair moisturizer. Argan oil is made up of a high percentage of essential fatty acids (80%) and tocopherols (Vitamin E) which is a powerful antioxidant.

Here is how to use argan oil.

Make a hair mask, apply on your hair, and cover with a warm towel or a thermal cap for 20 minutes. Rinse it with hot water and remove the entire mask.


Curcuma in powder form

Curcuma (also known as turmeric) is rich in fibres and several vitamins like C, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9. It is also rich in minerals such as manganese, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, and zinc.

Add a teaspoon of curcuma in a cup of hot water. Mix it and let it cool. Apply it to your hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash your hair normally.


rosemary plant

Rosemary stimulates hair growth and helps preserve its natural colour. It has high levels of caffeic and rosmarinic acid that act as antioxidants.

Here is how to use rosemary to get rid of grey hair.

Add rosemary in water and boil the water. Let it rest overnight. Apply it to your hair and scalp for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair. Repeat the treatment 2 times a week for better results.


sage plant

Herbs for thousands of years have been used to dye hair and sage is one of the most popular natural dyes, especially suitable for dark hair. To darken hair colour and cover grey hair, boil sage leaves for 30 minutes. Once cold, place it like a mask on your hair and scalp.

Wheat Germ Oil

wheat germ oil bottle

Wheat germ oil is an excellent natural product to nourish and moisturize your hair. It is also rich in vitamin E. Due to its antioxidant power, it prevents the appearance of grey hair. Apply wheat germ oil to dry hair half an hour before shampooing. Massage gently so that oil penetrates in your scalp. Shampoo your hair.

2. Natural Ingredients

The homemade hair care products for grey hair covered above will help you a lot in getting rid of grey hair but these homemade products act slowly. Additionally, the effect varies greatly based on several factors. This means you could use onion juice for months and it won’t help a little bit just because your body is used to the onion.

There are, however, certain natural ingredients that have the potential to cure grey hair.

Vitamins B (B1, B5, and B12)

You have to follow a certain diet to have healthy hair while maintaining its natural colour. Vitamin B deficiency has been linked to the premature appearance of grey hair, so you should consume foods rich in vitamin B such as egg yolk, liver, fish, chicken, whole grains, avocado, broccoli, and carrot.

Remember, the way how you cook these foods is important so that their vitamins are not lost. If you cannot consume these vitamins in natural foods, use dietary supplements that are rich in vitamin B.


The lack of iron in your diet can cause premature grey hair. The iron obtained from food helps produce the necessary melanin that gives colour to your hair. Iron is found in celery, corn, nuts, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, and liver.

3. Foligain Grey Hair Supplement

Foligain grey hair supplement bottle

What if you want to cure your grey hair instantly? Natural ingredients are effective but they need time so in such a case, your best bet is Foligain grey hair supplement.

It increases catalase level in your body that helps fight greying hair. It includes zinc, biotin, nettle, and other natural ingredients that make it a perfect supplement to cure grey hair. If you want to get rid of grey hair quick, grab Foligain grey hair supplement here.


The appearance of grey hair is usually a direct consequence of aging, although it can appear prematurely, depending on your race, genetic conditioning, a diet with a deficit of some vitamins and minerals, high levels of stress, smoking habits, certain diseases, or inadequate hair hygiene habits.

If there is a predisposition in your family to have grey hair, it is time to act.

The first thing you should do is decrease your stress levels, abandon the smoking habit, eat a balanced diet with the vitamins and minerals necessary for your hair (if you can’t do it, consume dietary supplements), and adopt proper cleaning habits to your hair.

It is time to use the best hair care products for grey hair or the natural ingredients that will help you have a healthy mane with its natural coloration.

Homemade masks of onion juice, avocado, henna, argan oil, curcuma, rosemary, sage, and wheat germ are most suitable to combat the appearance of grey hair or hide its presence, so what are you waiting for? Act now.