What is Trichoceutical?

Are you experiencing thinning hair or hair loss? Then Trichoceutical by Hair Genesis is what you need. Since 1995 Hair Genesis’s has provided its proprietary and specific line of non-drug botanical loss of hair treatment products. It is proven to block DHT effectively, the toxic hormone which triggers loss of hair in both men and women. HairGenesis contains the never-before-used ingredients that counter the primary cause of the pattern hair loss in both male and female.

Hair Genesis is proven to be the most effective and safest hair loss remedy that is available in the market today for anyone that has hair loss and thinning hair concerns. Most of the other non-drug or botanical treatment of hair loss have little or no studies nor research to base on for their claims.

Hair genesis has numerous clinical trials, researches, and two reports now that are published in established and reputable medical journals. This means that Hairgenesis is most probably the only botanical/ non-drug hair loss treatment that is available today.

HairGenesis has all the valid, independent, and objective – third-party professional Trichoceutical review and endorsement, showing that it works. From 1995, long before most non-drug/botanical hair loss treatment products came to the scene.

Hair genesis has been successful in helping many people who suffer from men and women pattern hair loss. These products are innovatively based on the cutting-edge technologies and scientific research of product development. No other hair loss treatment products can compare.

Trichoceutical Hair Loss Treatment

It is known to be the only natural hair thinning product range which relies on broad research in natural ingredients. Hair Genesis has carefully perfected and refined its formula for the last two decades to create the latest generation of Trichoceutical maximum strength products.

This highly sophisticated and new generation formula is one of the ideal hair serums for hair loss and regrowth. Well, equipped with a dual system of action, it’s a proprietary and novel delivery way that is used to optimize membrane transport and to enhance efficient phospholipid vesicle suspension in the follicle. This specific combination actions anti-hair loss and hair regrowth in ways that were unseen previously from both drug-based and natural treatments.

Hair Genesis is specific since it has a guaranteed safety profile of natural-derived formulas, validated with high levels of scientific research otherwise only traced in the drug-based treatment of hair loss products. The newly improved, strengthened half-life features of the anti-hair-loss serum shows that it’s more effective, you only need to apply to your scalp once a day. This is far better than the other serums which require you to apply twice a day.

Hair genesis growth serum with proteins uses L carnitine tartrate which is a kind of amino acid that is combined with other proprietary sub-constituents that include beta-sitosterol, LSESr, and R thioctic acid. Just apply the serum to the scalp directly once a day to see effective results, direct, intense DHT blocking right at the source.

Proven effective on different hair types across all ethnicities, it is an ideal hair growth serum for thinning hair, fine hair and hair loss. Its pleasant smell and non-tacky feel make the serum comfortable to apply and an ideal choice of hair growth serum for women and men who want a prestige, inconspicuous finish. It is an effective treatment for receding hairlines and patterned baldness.

Essentials of Hair Care

HairGenesis serum is made by an FDA facility that is approved as well as going through placebo multiple peer and controlled reviewed university-based research. Hair Genesis has unmatched evidence of efficacy and safety. The serum is a specific innovation in the hair regrowth sector that reveals exceptional and great results.

The concern of most of the hair loss market has been the use of only the most powerful chemicals. So, Hair Genesis has adopted other natural approaches. They are looking to use ground-breaking studies just like the others in the sector, but the most important aspect is to employ and source safer ingredients, that maintain potency without compromising on the adverse effects to the customers.

Hair Genesis has maintained natural and safe ingredients as 2 crucial aspects of their enterprise and more than 50 years of success, plus the thousands of satisfied clients, it seems like their method has reaped off.

Trichoceutical Products

Hair Genesis understands the demand not only to address the concerns of hair loss but to help enhance the growth of healthy and strong hair as well. Their specific formula has powerful, the most strength DHT blockers that will help to tackle hair loss and thinning hair.

These products then depend on a number of innovative and creative ways to help promote the growth of voluminous, thick hair. The plus Vitamins D and E Trichoceutical Proprietary Blend all play a role in aiding you to get to the root of the problem and fix it. By focusing on the root of the follicle, ingredients like Lysine could help enhance the natural process of hair growth.

Trichoceutical Oral Tablets

Hair Genesis Trichoceutical Oral Tablets

These Trichoceutical oral pills aim to pack a potent punch of natural ingredients which help in the thickening of hair. Therefore, this inhibits both men and women thinning of hair. What most people don’t understand is that women too suffer from thinning of the hair, but research has been quick to show that this is a problem which affects both men and women.

With over 50% of all women that suffer from pattern baldness and more than 65% of male that suffer from it through their lifetime, a study has now shown. These pills provide an easy and quick to use solution for many people suffering from pattern baldness.

This carefully blended formula consist of rich anti-oxidant ingredients such as Trichoceutical proprietary and Vitamin E blended to help you enhance thick hair growth from the hair follicles upwards.

Trichoceutical Conditioner

Hair Genesis Trichoceutical Conditioner

The smart new conditioner can be used by both men and women, Trichoceutical can be applied easily in just a short period and is becoming more and more popular. HairGenesis has used the study found in the research to formulate some innovative solutions like this Trichoceutical conditioner. It has a number of potent ingredients that will help you revitalize your hair.

Dimethyl isosorbide is used to enhance the active formula to penetrate the skin properly, without having to cause scalp itching and irritation. Polysorbate 60, which is popular for natural treatment of hair loss. Lastly, Vitamin D3 cholecalcifero is called to take charge and help try to reverse the effects of loss of hair.

Trichoceutical Serum

Trichoceutical Serum

The Trichoceutical serum has been uniquely designed for anyone looking to restore to hair full on the head as from their youth. This natural treatment has DHT blockers that address concerns that pertain to hair loss and then a variety of ingredients to enhance bolster the process of natural hair growth.

This foam is carefully designed so that it efficiently penetrates to the hair follicles, which allows the ideal levels of ingredients used. Lysine also comes on board for the role of the production of collagen. This creates a standard infrastructure. Pygeum, which is originally from Africa, is used widely used because of its established DHT blocking features.

Trichoceutical Dry Shampoo

Trichoceutical Dry Shampoo

This Trichoceutical dry shampoo immediately aims to meet its cleansing need before it can help you to overcome concerns about hair loss. Hair Genesis knows that hair follicle inflammation could be a crucial factor in the loss of hair. A point which was highlighted in a study done in 2011.

As a result, the HairGenesis Trichoceutical dry shampoo steps up its ingredients like the Evening primrose oil which gently tries to soothe the follicles hair and keeps inflammation away. It then combines Lysine with it to enhance the collagen production and to inhibit the loss of hair, then promotes growth.

Trichoceutical Mousse

Trichoceutical Mousse

This Trichoceutical mousse focuses to give you the optimal control over your hair, whilst at the same time addressing your worries over the thinning hair. Dimethyl isosorbide is used to effectively penetrate the through the scalp without itching or irritating the scalp, even though the most popular Polysorbate 60 is used for its reputation in natural hair loss treatments.

Most people are concerned that adding products to the already thinning hair may put strain further, although this smart way helps to remove that concern. Read the full Trichoceutical mousse review.

Trichoceutical Hair Spray

Trichoceutical  Volume Hair Spray

Trichoceutical hair spray is an excellent addition to the Hair Genesis variety focuses on helping to create full and lift roots, luscious locks. Simultaneously, it uses ingredients such as lemongrass oil. Lemongrass oil has been popular for reducing inflammation and promoting a healthy space for hair growth.

Aloe vera is another great tool in this products weapon that seeks to help soothe and calm the scalp, thus allowing the growth of thick hair. If you are seeking for a dual-purpose product which focuses to help you keep the volume and hold, while addressing your concerns around the loss of hair, this product ought to be your first port of call.

Read the complete Trichoceutical hair spray review.

Trichoceutical Features

Here are the key features of Trichoceutical that will surprise you and persuade you to use it right away.

Biotin Enhanced Hair Growth

This specific hair growth serum with biotin oil actions numerous mechanisms to enhance the growth of your hair and stop loss of hair, using an infused blend of the active ingredients

DHT Blocker for Anti-Hair-Loss

The serum prevents hair loss at the source, with DHT directly blocking from a concentrated level of different 5AR inhibitors (that stop hair loss hormone).

Natural Ingredients

The all-natural formula stops hair loss without any side effects and is even more potent than you have ever seen, it only needs to be used once in a day

All Hair Types for Men and Women

It is a more efficient and safe hair growth serum for both male and female with fine, normal or thinning hair, and a treatment for patterned baldness and receding hairlines


  • Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol)
  • Trichoceutical Proprietary Blend
  • Vitamin E (as d-alpha-tocopherol acetate)
  • Betacylcodextrin
  • Phytosterols (40% Beta-Sitosterol)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine
  • Berberine HCL (Berberis)
  • Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) (berry)
  • Genistein (from Soy) Resveratrol (Polygonum Cuspidatum)
  • Vegetable Stearic Acid
  • Di-Calcium Phosphate
  • Sodium Croscarmellose
  • Cellulose, Silicon dioxide
  • Vegetable Magnesium Stearate
  • Titanium dioxide

How to Use Trichoceutical?

Take one oral pill daily in the morning. A bottle has 30 tablets, so need to get one months’ supply. For best results, use it with other full range of Hair Genesis Trichoceutical oral tablets which include the shampoo, conditioner, and serum.

Who Can Use Trichoceutical

Both men and women can use Trichoceutical. Although it affects mostly men. Studies show that 1 in 4 men hair loss starts at the age of 21 years.


  • Works for both men and women
  • Backed by clinical research. Advanced Trichoceutical Technology, with 20+ years of evolving scientific research
  • A non-drug approach is okay
  • The 3-step system including the popular Hair Genesis shampoo
  • Nourishing conditioner for fine and thinning hair
  • With Serenoa Repens and other botanical extracts
  • Easy to use hygienic foam pump applicator


  • Side effects include an itchy and dry scalp
  • Could be a little expensive


By incorporating follicle-stimulating treatment product into your treatment regimen, you will nicely cleanse and nourish your hair, leaving it feeling thicker, glowing and fuller. It is left with renewed vigor and strength. For best results, always use the Hair Genesis Trichoceutical shampoo together with the entire Hair Genesis Trichoceutical treatment regimen. Determine by yourself and for sure you will agree; the new Generation VI formula is one of the best hair loss treatment that you can buy.