Revita Tablets Review

Hair loss is a prevalent problem affecting many people. It has been there for ages. Most people do not like it, and in truth, it interferes with someone’s natural beauty. It will even affect the individual emotionally. This explains why you will find bald men with a cap.

It can cause someone to lose his/her esteem due to low confidence associated with hair loss. Most of the people would like to see the problem gone and have spent a lot of time and effort in trying to reverse hair loss.

There are so many ways to reduce hair loss among them is taking tablets and surgery. The latter is very expensive and can provide immediate effects some are even allergic to surgery and are afraid of the potential side effects that might arise after surgery. Tablets, on the other hand, are the most encouraged because they are a cheaper alternative to surgery and safer.

If you prefer the tablets, let me introduce you to one of the best anti-hair loss tablets. It’s known as Revita tablets. This will take care of your hair loss problem without affecting your routine. Join me in this article, Revita tablets review to know more about it.

You will get to know about the ingredients in the tablet, how to use it, who can take the drug and finally where you can buy it. This will be one of the most comprehensive Revita tablets review. Please read on.

Revita Tablets Overview

revita tablets

Revita anti-hair loss tablet is suitable for use by both male and female. It’s a product of DS Laboratories, which is located in Florida US, which was started in 1996. That’s a long time in producing high-quality anti-hair loss products. It specializes in hair degeneration shampoos and tablets.

Unlike other hair degeneration products, DS Laboratories products are free of sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium laureth sulfate materials that have side effects on the scalp such as skin irritation and dryness. It’s made of natural materials.

Revita anti-hair loss tablets are used to treat all hair problems associated with hair loss such as hair thinning and alopecia. It has everything that is required to bring your hair back. Besides, for people who want to maintain good hair growth can use the product. The tablet is always bought as a packet, which can be used for a full month.

Revita Tablets Features

Here is a list of the top Revita tablet features:

  1. It helps boost your body’s immunity. It’s made of natural ingredients, which include Zinc and melatonin. These ingredients are capable of improving the body’s resistance to diseases.
  2. It is a great supplement that provides your body and hair with necessary nutrients. Most of the time hair loss can be because of deficiency in a mineral such as biotin. Being made of minerals, it could help supply the lacking nutrients in the body. It could also help supply other nutrients, which are not related to hair loss.
  3. It’s a hair loss supplement with the best reversal effects. It has ingredients such as keratin, which will strengthen the hair structure.
  4. Stimulates hair growth. It’s made of ingredients, which are intended to stimulate growth in case of hair thinning. Besides, it will make your hair grow normally

Major Ingredients

We have previously stated that Revita tablets are dietary supplements used for hair loss. It’s made of natural ingredients to help treat hair loss. The major ingredients are listed below together with their roles in the body.


Naturally, melatonin is a hormone found in the human body, but still, there are pills. It’s mainly used for inducing sleep. The number of melatonin increases more during the night and reduces during the day.

Then you could ask yourself how is this related to hair loss? Well, it also regulates circadian rhythm, which controls hair growth in the body.

Research has shown that melatonin administration tends to increase hair growth in some animals such as dogs, rabbits, and foxes. Since it triggers the onset of darkness, many animals will grow hair during times of winter where the days are shorter. Further research has shown that it could be used to reverse hair loss.


Naturally, it can be found in foods such as soy. Though it’s not directly related to reducing hair loss, it helps provide more protein to your hair follicle to use for hair growth.

It will reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for baldness in both male and females. Too much DHT will limit the supply of nutrients to the hair. Lack of nutrient supply to the hair will lead to hair loss and even baldness. Isoflavones have organic compounds, which reduce the level of DHT in the hair follicles. Thus, the supply of nutrients is enhanced reducing hair loss 


This is a vitamin or to be precise, it’s a water-soluble vitamin for the vitamin B family. It’s always found in small amounts in food substances such as eggs. Deficiency in Biotin is rare because it’s required in small quantities in the body.

Laboratory tests cannot measure the lack of Biotin in the body, but when a person lacks Biotin its knowns by its symptoms. If you have a hair loss, problem chances are it could be due to small amounts of Biotin.

Biotin is known to cure hair loss in the body. However, researchers are not very sure if it’s a role in hair. Other uses of Biotin are lower blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation.


Zinc is an essential mineral to the body in many ways. After iron, it’s the most abundant mineral in the body. This is because it can be found in many food substances such as meat and is cheap and easy to find as compared to other minerals.

Zinc is needed for hair loss in extreme Zinc deficiency people likely to suffer from zinc deficiency are alcohol users, alcoholics and people suffering from diarrhoea. In hair loss, Zinc is needed to keep the oil glands around the hair follicle to function properly.

Using Zinc to treat your hair loss problem can be the most straightforward alternative you can have because of its abundance. Why not try it? Luckily, this tablet contains Zinc.


Iron is a mineral that most of us have heard of. It is responsible for the blood-making hormone haemoglobin. Therefore, we cannot attribute hair loss to iron deficiency in the body. Lack of iron in the body will lead to a condition known as anaemia.

Severe lack of iron in the body will likely lead to conditions such as pale skin and hair loss. Therefore, including this mineral is necessary for the body to function normally and treat some cases of hair loss.


Keratin is a common protein ingredient, which is known for being involved in hair growth. In comparison with the other ingredients, this is the one, which could not miss if it has to be a good tablet for hair loss. It’s found in the hair strands, most people consider it as the one, which strengthens hair in real sense it maintains the hair structure.

Due to its importance in maintaining the hair, it has been used in salons as a form of treatment known as keratin treatment. However, there are some concerns about the safety of keratin treatment. It can be found naturally in foods containing proteins. Artificially it can be taken in hair supplements, which contain keratin. 

Other Ingredients

There are still other ingredients, which are used too. These include magnesium, vitamin D, daidzein, apple extract, beta-sitosterol, alfalfa extract, soja dry extract, bulking agent, epilobium extract, thickeners, lactose, colorants and ferrous gluconate.

How to Use Revita Tablets

A packet of Revita will contain enough tablets to use for a month. It’s recommended to take one tablet every day with a glass of water. Remember, don’t exceed the recommended dose each day and don’t use it as a substitute for your balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. It’s only a food supplement.

It can be taken after breakfast or after any meal. Whichever you feel comfortable with.

Most users are encouraged to use the tablets for more a period of three to six months.

Please be patient with the results, as you cannot expect a hair loss reveals within a day. It’s not a magic that you will wake up the following morning with your hair loss fixed. It could take more than a month.

Since you will be having Revita anti-hair loss tablets for more than a month. It’s important to store it safely. Ensure you store the tablet in a cool dry place and a place that is out of reach for children to minimize any other risks.

In case of any side effects, consult a doctor. However, these cases are few because the tablets are made of natural ingredients that are compatible with our body cells.

Who Can Use Revita Tablets

Generally, all male and female can use this tablet because hair loss affects both men and women. Besides, an adult above 18-years can use it with minimal side effects.

People who have experienced hair loss of all kind of hair loss can still use Revita tablets. It does not limit people looking to maintain healthy hair growth.

In the case of pregnant or lactating mothers, it’s advisable to consult a doctor before taking the tablets. This is because it could affect both the mother and the child.

Again, if you’re using another anti-hair loss treatment, it’s good to consult a doctor. Though Revita tablets are compatible with most anti-hair loss treatments, it’s better to be on the safe side.

Here are some restrictions in using Revita tablets:

  1. Anyone who experiences difficulty in breathing
  2. If you have allergies with any of the ingredient listed above
  3. If you are suffering from renal or hepatitis problems

In general, if you have the above conditions, please consult a doctor so you can be informed about the risks that might arise.

Some side effects that you are likely to experiences are:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Fast heart beating
  3. Muscle twitching
  4. Weakness
  5. High blood pressure

These side effects are so trivial that they could not cause a significant health problem. However, to be on the safe side, always consult a doctor in case of the side effects.


  1. Compatible with other anti-hair loss tablets.
  2. It helps to improve general body health.
  3. Users only take a tablet per day and can make it on their own.
  4. Prolong the life of your hair.


  1. Potential side effects which might arise after taking Revita tablets

Where to Buy Revita Tablets

Let us make one clear: Revita is more of a medicinal tablet than a cosmetic tablet. In light with this statement, it can easily be found in a pharmacy near you. You can still buy the product online here.


Hair loss is very rampant in the current age it affects all types of people irrespective of the age. There are so many causes of hair loss, but the help of a tablet can treat all this. Imagine just taking a pill daily and getting the desired effect on your hair? 

In case you had any worries of the tablet affecting your body, now you know. It’s a safe method with nearly no risk to any individual. It’s designed to help you get the natural hair look that you had before.

If you acquire this tablet hair loss should not be a problem to you any longer. Purchase this tablet with no side effects on your body and start taking the pill daily until you experience the optimum effects.

Finally, always remember to consult a doctor before and after use. This is beneficial as they can identify any potential side effects that might occur. A doctor is well informed about the usage of the tablets. Don’t underestimate a doctor’s knowledge.