ProFollica Review

Profollica is one of the leading hair recovery system for men that works perfectly for men of all ages. If you want to cure your health problems completely yet safely, read this detailed Profollica review.

Hair loss is caused by so many factors, some of which include chemotherapy levels, low vitamin, thyroid disease, protein deficiency, and anaemia. Some people have also erroneously linked hair loss to genetics.

But modern scientists have clear evidence to prove that hair loss is not linked to genetics. Instead, hair loss in men is blamed on an endogenous androgen sex hormone and steroid called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

People have adopted several different prevention methods for hair loss. Some of them include good nutrition, regular shampooing, and practicing good hair hygiene. However, some hair care products offer prevention against hair loss.

One of such hair products that can help you prevent hair loss and improve your hair growth is the Profollica brand. Do you want to know how you can prevent hair loss with ProFollica? Read on for my full Profollica review.

What is ProFollica?

Profollica is a hair loss prevention system for men that fights hair loss from within the body by lowering dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels. This action slows, stops, and even reverses hair loss.

Profollica is a non-prescription, natural, hair recovery system that helps to stop the conversion of 5-alpha-reductase to dihydrotestosterone. Thereby, reducing hair loss and increasing growth.

Profollica system is a combination of three hair loss products that are perfectly made to tackle the issue of hair loss. The three products found in the Profollica system are Profollica Hair Stimulator Serum, Profollica Tablets, and Profollica Revive Daily Shampoo.

Compared to other similar anti-hair loss products, only Profollica can prevent hair loss from both within the body and outside the body.

Profollica Ingredients

Like I stated above, Profollica has three products:

Profollica Tablet

ProFollica review tablet bottle

Though thinning hair and hair loss is a common occurrence among men and women everywhere, that doesn’t mean anybody enjoys the experience because your hair is such a vital part of your appearance.

Well, it’s not surprising that several anti-hair loss products have arisen but ProFollica tablet attends to your hair loss worries from its root. ProFollica tablet is a nutritional supplement that aims at addressing your hair loss concerns at the very source with the ProFollica nutritional supplement.

ProFollica tablet:

  • Contains 60 easy-to-swallow tablets of natural nutritional supplement
  • Is ideal for those with weak hair
  • Contains a unique blend of micronutrients
  • Contains zinc and biotin for the maintenance of normal hair
  • Is suitable for both men and women.

Each ProFollica tablet contains a layered and unique blend of 11 incredible factors suitable to address your thinning hair and hair loss worries. Taking just two tablets of ProFollica nutritional supplement daily brings back your hair growth confidence.

Make sure you take plenty of water after use. For the desired result, take the tablets on a regular, ongoing basis. You can even consider combining ProFollica tablet with the ProFollica serum and ProFollica shampoo.

ProFollica tablets contain several ingredients that are not only beneficial for hair growth but also for your general health. For instance, biotin (vitamin H) serves as a cofactor for carboxylation enzymes and contributes to hair maintenance. Biotin also strengthens your hair right from its root.

Zinc oxide contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and protects your hair cells from oxidative stress. Zinc oxide also plays a vital role in hair cell division.

Niacin is necessary for healthy hair and hair fullness, it also helps in reducing cholesterol in your body. Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is very important for body metabolism, and research has linked cobalamin to hair health.

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) is very beneficial for the nourishment of hair follicles. Folic acid helps in the synthesis of RNA and DNA, which are both necessary for the production and rapid division of new cells. Vitamin B5 deficiency may lead to greying and thinning hair.

Iodine addresses hyperthyroidism, manganese can be effective for preventing osteoporosis, and folic acid helps to prevent serious kidney disease.

More so, L-arginine is known to treat health conditions like high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction, isoleucine reduces the breakdown of the muscle during exercise, and L-cysteine addresses kidney problems and chest pain.

ProFollica tablets work perfectly within your body to give you a full and healthy head of hair. Nevertheless, I would advise that you read the ingredients carefully in case there may be anything you are personally allergic to.

More so, if you’re under medical supervision, on medication, breastfeeding or pregnant, please consult with your medical professional before use.

Profollica Hair Stimulator Serum

Profollica hair stimulator serum bottle

Are you worried about limp, lacklustre, and thinning hair? Are you unsatisfied with the miracle anti-hair loss and hair thickening products around? Then try the power of Profollica Hair Stimulator Serum. This product specially revitalises, rejuvenates and re-energises your hair.

Profollica serum:

  • Offers intensive care for depleted and thinning hair
  • Is enriched with niacinamide, zinc, and biotin
  • Has light texture for easy scalp absorption
  • Contains clinically tested trichogen complex
  • Is suitable for both male and female.

To enjoy all the amazing benefits of Profollica serum, I’d recommend you apply it twice a day to your hair. A report revealed that using Profollica hair stimulator serum at least once a day is also effective.

With your fingertips, massage a moderate amount of the serum gently into your scalp. Allow the product to stay for at least four hours in your hair and scalp before washing.

I would recommend that you invest in the long-term use of this product.

Profollica serum contains panax ginseng (red ginseng) root extract, which strengthens your hair from within, it stimulates your scalp to increase hair depth. The hydrolysed soy protein boosts and gives volume to each hair strand, thus strengthening your hair appearance.

The L-Arginine supports the production of nitric oxide, which is very important in hair circulation. Salvia, polyphenol-rich burdock, and ginkgo biloba are well-known to have both revitalising and purifying abilities on your hair and scalp. This helps to make your hair feel thicker.

Biotin contributes to the maintenance of your normal hair. Biotin, together with zinc, protects your hair cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) protects your hair follicles from ageing and other environmental agents.

ProFollica Revive Daily Shampoo

ProFollica Revive Daily Shampoo bottle

Just like Profollica serum, ProFollica Revive Daily Shampoo revitalises, rejuvenates and re-energises your hair. It also contains trichogen with other hair-loving factors like jojoba, biotin, and silk protein.

ProFollica shampoo is a purifying and strengthening shampoo that:

  • Is ideal for thinning and weak hair
  • Coordinates with other ProFollica products
  • Is fortified with clinically tested trichogen
  • Is boosted with jojoba, biotin, keratin, and silk protein
  • Is suitable for both men and women.

The hydrolysed silk protein and keratin bolster and build up your hair from root to tip. The ginseng root extract reinvigorates your scalp. These ingredients reinforce your hair at every level. Emu oil, burdock oil, and L- Arginine are added to maximally revitalize and boost the appearance of your hair.

Jojoba oil is an intensive conditioning agent that builds a defensive layer around your hair against hair-damaging forces. Zinc, biotin, niacinamide, and vitamin E also work together to protect your hair.

Follow this procedure to enjoy the full action of ProFollica shampoo:

Wet your hair thoroughly with water, squeeze some amount of ProFollica shampoo into your palm and massage it gently into your scalp and full hair till it lathers fully. Leave the shampoo on your hair and scalp for about two minutes before rinsing it out fully. Use with any normal conditioning you prefer.

For the ultimate result, I would recommend that you invest in the long-term use of this product. ProFollica serum works perfectly for your hair growth. Nevertheless, I would advise that you read the ingredients carefully in case there may be anything you are personally allergic to.

More so, if you have any diagnosed scalp complaints, please consult with your medical professional before use. ProFollica shampoo may not be suitable for vegans or vegetarians as it contains Emu oil.

Update: ProFollica Revive Daily shampoo has been discontinued and is now replaced by maxmedix HairGenesis Trichoceutical Activating Shampoo which is an updated version with more powerful ingredients.

ProFollica Customer Reviews

Here is what customers have to say about ProFollica:

“Just ordered my second batch, the first gave me slight improvements so I’m sure the second will work even better for me.”

Adrian Blakley

“I have been using this for the last 6 months and my hair has stopped falling and looks a lot thicker, no more hair coming out in the shower.”


“It’s as if my hair was asleep before using this, now its awake and growing like it should, only took 4 months of using this shampoo.”

Profollica Advantages

For fast, efficient and lasting hair loss prevention, I recommend that you use all three products in the Profollica system.

  • All the products contain natural active ingredients and do not require any doctor’s prescription before use.
  • Both ProFollica revive daily shampoo and Profollica hair stimulator serum form a perfect combination that prevents the production of Dihydrotestosterone, which causes hair loss, especially on the surface.
  • Profollica system is very effective at promoting your hair growth through stimulation. It also maintains strong hair health.
  • Profollica System eliminates sebum filled with unwanted DHT and replaces it with the moisture.
  • Aside from working to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth, Profollica system also provides some necessary body nutrients that sustain a general healthy living.
  • The product is beneficial to both men and women.

Profollica Disadvantages

Despite its several advantages, Profollica system also has a few disadvantages.

  • The hair treatment product may not work for hair loss caused by other factors other than the existence of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in their body systems.
  • You have to use the product for some months to see results as the product doesn’t produce immediate results.
  • The product works majorly on hair loss condition at a certain degree of severity and may not work at other higher degrees.

How the Profollica Works to Prevent Hair Loss

Profollica tablets, also referred to as Profollica nutritional supplement, works from within the body to provide the Minerals and Vitamins necessary to prevent hair loss and nourish and promote healthy hair.

Profollica may also get into your body indirectly during the application of Profollica shampoo or Profollica serum to your hair. Once any of this product gets into your body, it acts as a cleaner and eliminates hair strands containing Dihydrotestosterone, which causes your hair strand to recede and grow thin.

If you have a relatively higher level of testosterone in your body, you are likely to have a large amount of Dihydrotestosterone in your body too, and this will make you suffer from baldness or hair loss more than women.

Most chemical hair growth formulas out there may either cause some serious irreversible harm to your body or leave your scalp burnt. But Profollica system has no track record of any side effects. This makes the hair product easy-to-use and tolerable.

How Much Does Profollica Cost?

Profollica can be found in some online hair product shops or cosmetic stores although the legitimacy or originality of these online stores may be doubtful. But I recommend that you make your purchase here. This store offers Profollica products at affordable rates:

  • Profollica Hair Stimulator Serum – £34.95
  • Profollica Tablets – £31.95
  • Profollica Revive Daily Shampoo – £19.95

So, with as low as £86.85, you can have a complete pack of all the three products.

Final Thoughts on Profollica Review

Based on my experience and online reviews, Profollica system has proved to be the best hair care products for controlling hair loss. The products don’t only control hair loss but also promotes hair growth to replace the lost hair.

The products contain powerful yet safe ingredients that made them very effective against Dihydrotestosterone in your hair.

What makes Profollica system different and potent than other hair products for treating hair loss is that it combines all hair treatment methods. Some hair products may provide only a shampoo-type treatment or only the supplement pill.

Profollica system combines both solutions in addition to serum solution. These three products complement one another to boosts each other’s effectiveness. You must use them together if you can afford. Else, use the one that suits you the most.

If you want to prevent hair loss and restore your hair, there isn’t any better solution than Profollica. Grab it here.