Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller Review

Do you wish to have thicker and longer hair? If the answer is a resounding yes, then this Foligain hair & scalp roller review will help you to make a wise decision.

In today’s world, women and men want strong and nourished hair. This is because the focus is on looking physically appealing. As soon as we get older, hair loss and thinning become a common problem. Nobody likes to prance around with bald patches. Additionally, women like longer and stronger hair.

With Foligain hair and scalp roller, the goal seems realistic. The product has gained popularity over the years as it uses micro-needling technology.

Before skimming through the overview, features, ingredients, usage, pros, cons and reviews, it is important to understand what micro-needling means.

Originally, microneedles were used for evening out the skin and improving the texture. It also helps in boosting collagen production. As we start aging, collagen production in our body decreases. This causes thinning of hair and the skin gets fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness.

The process of micro-needling involves the usage of a device called microneedle. It has thousands or hundreds of tiny needles (micro-scale needle) that is arranged in an order. It breaks through the layer of the skin! Interestingly, one needle is even thinner than your hair.

How does the microneedle process help you?

  • Helps in inducing stem cells that promote hair growth
  • Once the micro-injuries start healing, it helps in producing more collagen
  • Strengthens the follicles of your hair
  • It is an enjoyable experience for the user

The microneedle process creates punctures in our skin that puts the body under the process of wound healing. It activates the stem cells and promotes collagen production. Collagen is something that holds our body together and keeps us youthful.

Since it is a beneficial tool, we would recommend investing in a derma roller such as Foligain hair and scalp roller.

Is it worth the price you pay? Does it benefit you in any way? Let us find out through the Foligain hair & scalp review.

Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller Overview

Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller

Bid adieu to expensive micro needling treatments that require you to pay a hefty amount. With the Foligain hair and scalp roller, you can get a new crop of hair in the coming weeks. Micro needling is an effective technology/method that boosts hair growth and stimulates the scalp and hair.

It has 540 micro needles made of titanium that puncture the skin and put it under healing mode. Once the skin gets punctured, it boosts collagen production. As you are aware, collagen is an important protein in the body that is produced in abundance during youthful days.

As we age, signs such as hair loss and thinning become a common problem. If the hair is falling day by day and the thinning is bothering you, then the Foligain hair and scalp roller can do the job efficiently.

Each of the needles is sized perfectly with 0.25mm length. This is the ideal size to roll across the scalp and stimulate it.

The icing on the cake is that the product allows product absorption. Use any of the hair thinning or growth products along with it and get better results. You can use any cream or serum before rolling this product across the scalp. You can make the most of these products as it gets absorbed easily during the rolling process.

Additionally, using the roller is easy. You do not need to be a professional. Simply apply your favorite serum or hair product and roll the device upwards and downwards. The process is easy and you can do it thrice in a week. The device is safe to use and is designed for both men and women.

If you are tired of hair loss and thinning then this product is worth trying. It is not as expensive as the dermatological procedure and you will find rave reviews of the product everywhere. As a buyer, you need to be sure whether you are investing in the right product or not, but the Foligain hair and scalp roller is decently priced and helps you fetch the results that you desire.

Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller Features

As we start getting older, the face gets wrinkles and fine lines. The hair gets thin and hair loss becomes common. It could be the cause of the lack of self-confidence. With Foligain hair and scalp roller, you can fetch excellent results.

Here are the features of the product that convinced us to invest in the product:

  • High-quality titanium micro needles used for the device are a sign that the manufacturers have spent a considerable amount of time to research the technology. Also, using the micro-needles on your scalp does not cause any pain. It is a safe technology and does not cause any side effects.
  • The micro-needles are sized perfectly. With 0.25mm size, the micro needles are safe to use. When you shop for a roller to promote hair growth, picking the right size could be a dilemma. 0.25mm is considered to be the right size for the procedure.
  • It helps in stimulating the scalp and the hair. This promotes the production of collagen. When we are aging, the collagen production becomes low and with the help of the titanium micro-needle roller, the scalp can be stimulated with the punctures. The punctures caused by these micro-needles will boost the collagen production process.
  • No matter what hair thinning/loss product you use on your scalp, this roller ensures that it gets absorbed easily. You can make the most of the product by applying it to your hair and scalp before using the roller.
  • It is designed for both women and men. No matter what your sex is – anybody can use the product and take full advantage of the technology. It is used by both the sexes to treat the problem of hair thinning.
  • The process is non-invasive. This is because the product has a combination of ultra-fine and cross-line needle arrangement.
  • The roller will remove the dead skin cells which help in promoting healthy and natural hair growth.

Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller Ingredients

There are 540 high-quality micro needles in this product. Each needle has a length of 0.25MM. This is the ideal sized-needle that can be rolled on your skin without causing any pain.

These are titanium micro needles that are beneficial for stimulating the scalp and hair.

Micro needling is a method through which the dermatologists treat different types of skin conditions. In this process, tiny needles are used (sterilized). It punctures the skin and puts it under a healing process.

Through this process, the dermatologists can treat skin conditions such as stretch marks, skin pigmentation, scarring, wrinkles, acne, loose skin, and alopecia. Additionally, the method is useful for boosting hair growth. It promotes collagen production that helps the user to get long, strong and new hair.

Collagen is a protein in the body that is found in abundance. Just like the foundation of a strong building, collagen helps in giving structure to the skin and even strengthens the bones.

How does collagen help in the process of hair growth?

Since collagen acts as an antioxidant, it will help to fight the damage caused by stress, poor diet, alcohol consumption, air pollutants, and smoking. These could lead to the development of free radicals that pose a threat to the DNA, cells and the proteins in your body. In order to fight these radicals, your body requires antioxidants. For this reason, you require collagen to promote hair growth.

As we start aging, the hair starts thinning. This is due to the low production of collagen. With higher production of collagen, you can bid adieu to signs of aging and prevent thinning of hair.

Overall, the titanium needles used in the product do not cause any pain and promote healthy hair growth.

How to Use Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller

Using the product is fairly simple. The user would need to wet their hair and use an anti-thinner topical product. Gently massage it to the areas where you would like to use it. Now use the device by rolling it over the scalp. Roll it towards one direction moving upwards and then working your way down. Change the direction and roll it over about 6-10 times.

Make sure you are rolling the device in all the directions. Move it vertically, diagonally and horizontally. Use it once a day, but make sure you are not using it more than thrice a week. Using it regularly may cause redness.

Who Should Use Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller

Both men and women can use the product to getting longer and stronger hair. If you are getting older or are experiencing hair loss and thinning, the Foligain hair device can be used for rejuvenating the scalp and boosting collagen production.

This is not to say that the product is only recommended for older people. Aging starts as soon as you enter your 20’s and hair loss/thinning can happen to anyone.

Regardless of your age, investing in this product is worth it. Also, the product has a strategic price and is within your reach. If you want your scalp to be healthy and promote hair growth then purchasing this roller will be worth it.


  • Helps in energizing the scalp
  • Rejuvenates skin and promotes healthy hair growth
  • Designed for women and men
  • Easy to use
  • Potent stimulation with 540 titanium needles (painless)


  • Not suitable for sensitive skin
  • The product does not come with a cleanser for the needle

Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller Customer Reviews

Here is what Vivien has to say about the Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller:

“Fantastic device! Actually feels a little ticklish to use, feels quite pleasant. Can see a difference after a month or so, I suppose hair takes a while of growing to be noticeable. But I can 100% see less scalp and more hair.”

The customer reviews show that people love using it and are very satisfied with the results.

Where to Buy Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller

You can find it on Amazon. Click here to place your order now.

It is a safe platform to purchase the product. As soon as you place your order, it takes a couple of days or one can also opt for next day delivery. They have discreet packaging which means only you would know what is inside the box.

People living in the United Kingdom can get delivery the next day. Buyers who live outside the United Kingdom can choose the 3-5 days option. Fortunately, it does not take a long time to deliver the product to your doorstep.

Secondly, the platform is secure for online payments. All the major credit and debit cards can be used. You can also opt for the cash payment or bank transfer option. The details are given on the official website. You can find all the details in the payment section.

Considering the payment system is safe and the delivery does not take too many days, patrons can easily trust the site. Additionally, the product is legit and it comes in perfect condition.


In a nutshell, the product is being used by many people across the globe. The majority of the users have provided rave reviews. As an expert, we would recommend the product to the prospective buyers for the following reasons:

  • It will stimulate the scalp and hair for healthy hair growth
  • The product treats the hair thinning problem for both men and women
  • It will remove the dead skin cells on your scalp

You can get better results after applying a serum or cream which aids in hair growth and treats the problem of hair thinning. So, overall, the product is worth purchasing and has benefitted many people.

Get the best deal and take advantage of the micro needling technology.