CC After Depilation Bikini Gel Review

The human being has performed hair removal since ancient times. Consider those body hair that is anti-hygienic and anti-aesthetic are the main modern reasons to justify it. However, this procedure can bring problems to one of your main organs, the skin. That is why when removing your body hair, you must take some measures that help your skin. Wash the area before and after hair removal, apply cold after the procedure, wear loose clothing, do not expose the area to the sun and use After Depilation Bikini Gel, are some of them.

In this CC After Depilation Bikini Gel review, you will find how it can help your skin recover more quickly due to its moisturizing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and sedative properties.

What You Need to Know About Your Skin

Did you know that our skin is the heaviest living organ (6 to 9 pounds) and the largest in the human body (between 1.75 and 2.5 square yards)?

As the skin is in a permanent relationship with the other organs of the body, the skin can reveal the dysfunctions or diseases that other organs of your body suffer. Together with the hair and nails, the skin forms the integumentary system.

skin layer details

The skin is formed by three overlapping layers:

The Epidermis

The outermost layer of your skin and the one in contact with the environment. It is composed of keratinocytes that form an impermeable layer thanks to a protein known as keratin. It also contains melanocytes (cells that provide natural protection against ultraviolet rays and are responsible for skin pigmentation) and Langerhans cells, which are part of the immune system.

The Dermis

It is a tissue of varying thickness, which contains blood vessels, many immune cells, sweat glands, sebaceous follicles, hair follicles, sensory receptors that react to pain, pressure or temperature, and nerve endings.

The Hypodermis

It is located under the dermis, it is a fatty tissue, more or less abundant depending on the configuration of the individual. It is an important deposit of energy for the body.

The skin has several basic functions:

  • It protects your body from mechanical (trauma), physical (temperature), chemical (chemical agents), and biological (virus, bacteria, and fungi) attacks.
  • It regulates the temperature of your body through a complex mechanism of contraction and dilation of blood vessels and sweating.
  • It synthesizes vitamin D. Essential substance in the formation and growth of bones.
  • Elimination of harmful substances through sweating.
  • It transmits information through the immune cells and the innumerable nerve endings in the dermis.
  • It is precisely in your skin the place where the greatest exchange between your body and the environment takes place.

The integumentary system is formed in addition to the skin by hairs, nails, sebaceous glands, etc. Nails protect the sensitive ends of your fingers and toes. Human nails are not necessary for life, but they provide support for the tips of the toes and fingers, protect them from injury, and help to take small objects.

Hair is not just decoration. The hair on the head keeps you warm while preserving the heat. Hair in the nose, ears and around the eyes protects these sensitive areas of your body against dust and other small particles or microorganisms. Eyebrows and eyelashes protect the eyes by reducing the amount of light and particles that penetrate them. The fine hair that covers the body, in general terms, its main function is to isolate the body temperature since it serves as a physical barrier between the cold air and the skin.

Obviously, this function of body hair is more important in animals than in humans who, when wearing clothes, provide much more protection against the cold. In short, body hairs are important, but not essential for the life of the human being.

Hair Removal as Fashion

In recent times, the canons of beauty dictate that the hairless bodies are more aesthetic and hygienic. A lot of people consider body hair to be annoying and not very aesthetic. Although there is a tendency to associate with modernity, the truth is that hair removal exists since ancient times.

There have been times in history when it has not been so fashionable, however, it was already practiced in ancient Egypt. Since then, the motives and methods to be practiced have been changing.

But the removal of body hair is not without problems. According to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 60% of women who underwent pubic hair depilation experienced at least one health complication due to this depilation, the most common itching, abrasions, and hairs growing inward. However, only 4% of women sought medical help or discussed the problem with their doctor.

This is why you have to take some care after having a hair removal such as using a moisturizing product that is both soothing such as CC After Depilation Bikini Gel, rinse the skin of the treated area with cold water to help close the pores, be careful not to wear sun for at least the next 24 hours, and avoid wearing tight clothing.

The use of After Depilation Bikini Gel It is essential for a perfect treatment, especially because it contributes to the feeling of well-being, care, hydration, and repair of the protective barrier of your skin. It has sedative and repairing active ingredients such as allantoin that help regulate skin pH, as well as being moisturizing, decongestant and anti-inflammatory.

Depilation Techniques

There are several techniques to remove body hair. The best known are discussed below.


With this method, the root hair is removed, and you make sure that you only remove the hairs that you want to remove. The tweezers are designed to remove hairs from small areas. Therefore, they are suitable for eyebrows or mustache, but not, for example, for large areas such as the legs.


It is a fast and comfortable method, which can be done anywhere, although it is advisable to do it under the shower so that the area does not dry out and thus avoid redness. Its disadvantage is that the hair will appear more quickly and strengthened so you will have to resort more frequently to shaving.


It is the most effective depilatory method. The hair removal from the root makes it take longer to appear. The main drawback is that it is a slow and painful method. It is an aggressive method and is applied hot. The use of After Depilation Bikini Gel is very beneficial.

Depilatory Cream

It is a fast hair removal technique. The cream is applied on the area to be depilated and after leaving it on for a few minutes it is removed and with it, the hair disappears. However, these types of products usually have a strong smell. Besides, with depilatory creams, hair grows faster. The use of After Depilation Gel Bikini is indispensable.

Electric Epilator

This method removes your hair from the root, so it is an effective and long-lasting hair removal method. It is a technique that produces mild pain and requires time to perform well and ensure that all hair is being removed. It is highly recommended the use of After Depilation Bikini Gel.


It is a new and definitive method that allows you to forget hair removal forever. However, it is an expensive technique, which requires a long time of application and may present some risks. These types of treatments should always be performed by an expert professional.

CC After Depilation Bikini Gel Review

CC After Depilation Bikini Gel

You may have noticed that hair removal is a widely used method, but it can also cause problems. After hair removal, your skin may be damaged, irritated, sensitive or malnourished. For this reason, it is very important to take care of your skin after hair removal to regain its natural vitality.

The first care you should take, just after hair removal, is the application of cold. You can apply cold water directly to the area or use ice to massage the shaved part. This action will help to close the pores and prevent the appearance of bumps.

You should not skip the correct cleaning of the shaved area, especially in your intimate areas to remove traces of the hair removal device. It is recommended that you use neutral or glycerinated soaps.

Once you have properly cleaned the shaved area, dry it and apply some After Depilation Gel Bikini to rehydrate and nourish your skin. You should avoid products that contain ingredients such as perfumes or alcohol, as they can worsen the symptoms of irritation and become very annoying.

Finally, it is recommended that you do not wear tight clothing because the skin is better replenished and can perspire more easily.

Many cosmetic products on the market will help your skin, in this article, we are going to refer specifically to the CC After Depilation Bikini Gel due to its ingredients and benefits.

CC After Depilation Bikini Gel Ingredients

The main ingredients of the gel are discussed below.

1. Glycerin

It has a great similarity with the physical properties of the skin. It helps improve skin hydration because it attracts water. It also has sedative effects. By maintaining skin hydration, it acts as an excellent “anti-wrinkle” rejuvenator. It is a very peculiar ingredient since if it is used 100% pure it is very dehydrating, but combined with water it helps to soften and moisturize the skin

2. Allantoin

It is a small molecule of animal waste, although it is also found in some medicinal plants and can also be obtained synthetically. The most notable effects of allantoin on the skin are:

  1. Reduces the time of skin healing and thus promotes its regeneration.
  2. Destroys dead skin cells allowing cleaning and improvement of damaged skin.
  3. Stimulates the granular epithelium of the epidermis where new cells are generated that will replace those that are damaged or aged.
  4. Reduces the sensation of pain that means, it acts as a mild anesthetic.
  5. There is a close relationship between allantoin, elastin, and collagen. By promoting the production of keratin, new microfibrils of elastin and collagen are also formed, nourishing your skin making it smoother by giving it more elasticity.

3. Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil

Peppermint is an aromatic herb, which is used in cooking and has multiple uses, ranging from insect repellent to breathe freshening. However, it also serves to take care of your skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties by reducing the redness of the skin and itching caused by hair removal.

The CC After Depilation Bikini Gel also contains aqua, propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, polysorbate 20, acrylates, and aminomethyl propane. No side effects have been described for use on the skin however it is advisable to know if you are allergic to any of its components. If you do not know, I recommend that you put a little of the product on the forearm 24 hours before using it for the first time in large areas.


The skin is the most extensive organ of the human body and has a close relationship with the other organs and systems to such an extent that it can reveal problems or diseases. The main functions of the skin are protection, temperature regulation, synthesis of Vitamin D, elimination of harmful substances, information transmission, and exchange with the environment. Together with the skin, hairs, nails, sebaceous glands, etc. make up the integumentary system.

Body hairs are important, but not essential for the life of the human being. That is why since ancient times both men and women shave. Many people consider body hair as anti-hygienic and anti-aesthetic. There are several techniques to remove body hair: tweezers, shaver, waxing, depilatory creams, electric epilator, and laser.

Although hair removal is a widely used method, it can also cause problems. After hair removal, your skin may be damaged, irritated, sensitive or malnourished. Several measures you must take after hair removal: wash the area, apply cold, do not wear tight clothing, do not expose the area to the sun, and one of the most important, use After Depilation Gel Bikini.

There are many products on the market. In this article, we analyse the CC After Depilation Bikini Gel due to the combination of its main ingredients. Glycerin and its moisturizing and antiseptic properties; Allantoin and it is anti-inflammatory and sedative properties, and peppermint oil that reduces the redness and itching that occurs after hair removal.